branding, UX/UI

Justine's is an Austin-based French restaurant and bar that prides itself in providing a distinct and thrilling experience to all guests who walk through their doors.


Justine's provides a unique take on the nightlife scene in Austin. Their goal isn't to please everyone. They're risque, out-of-the-box, thrilling. Their current brand revolves around these pillars. However, a brand refresh could be used to translate these beliefs visually.


Inspired by French book designer Robert Massin, Univers and Masquelero were paired together in erratic, almost chaotic ways using weights of each typeface throughout the brand. Univers was designed with the intention of creating a typeface that would symbolize unification—a harmony. The idea of creating something that could bring people together is also represented in Justine's mission of being a place that welcomes all types of people.


As I continue to work on this project, I hope to step outside of my comfort zone a little more and experiment with the typography further to really grasp the essence of Massin's work. Overall it was a really fun project to work on. I would love to continue to expand and push my concepts to different levels.
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