Out in Tech

Branding, UX/UI, Advertising

Out in Tech is a non-profit that creates opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ tech community to advance their careers, grow their networks, amplify representation, and leverage tech for social change.


The tech industry capitalizes on being innovative and progressive. However, there's an issue of lack of representation throughout. The goal of Out in Tech is to spread the message that there's room for everyone in tech. Out in Tech needed a brand refresh to create a more recognizable brand.

Pride Ephemera

"Proud in Tech" is a slogan that would be used during Pride Month to show that the members of Out in Tech are out, proud, and ready to increase visibility and representation in the industry.

Website: homepage

Out in Tech's primary audience is made up users who are familiar with technology its latest trends. Keeping that in mind, the site needed to be modern, clean, and engaging.

The landing page is broken down into sections. The first things users would see when they visit the website would be a brief rundown of the organization's mission. Following that would be facts about workplace inequalities that queer people face. These statistics would reinforce the importance of Out in Tech's mission. Next users would get an explanation of what Out in Tech does and have a call-to-action to find a chapter near them. If users want to get involved with the organization on a deeper level, they would find information about Out in Tech's mentorship program and how to apply.


An annual conference was created to expand on the idea of connecting the community and creating lasting networks. A conference identity was created along with a page on the Out in Tech site.

Promotional Ads

A short series of typography-based advertisements were created to promote the conference. To emphasize the value of community and creating meaningful connections an inviting, sentimental tone is used throughout the ads.

Presentation Screen

An animated screen that would display a speaker's information would play before they begin their presentation. The topic of the talk would be accompanied by the speaker's name, pronouns, and twitter handle. There will also be a hashtag that the audience could use to create a space where they can discuss or live-tweet the topic.

Conference Badges

Badges that conference goers would be given to gain access into the events. Pronouns and name would be the most important elements in terms of hierarchy to prevent members from being misgendered.


Being a part of both the queer and tech community, this project was really important to me and hit close to home. I have a lot of respect for what Out in Tech is doing for the community. There are issues within the tech industry in terms of equity and representation that need to change. Being able to fine tune and amplify a brand with a mission that I can identify with was a really great experience.
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