Soothe is a calming app that allows users to find ways to manage their anxiety through deep introspection and calming exercises.


Living with anxiety can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Everyone deserves resources to help deal with the struggles anxiety can face. However, not everyone has access to professional help or counselors. In addition, some people with anxiety need on-the-go calming methods to practice in certain situations. Soothe believes in the power of deep introspection and meditative guides. Soothe acts as a guide to help users find ways to manage their anxiety.

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Typography and Color

Neue Haas Unica Bold is used for heading and display type. Body copy is set in Neue Haas Unica Regular. This typeface was chosen for its clear readability and cleanliness. The color pallete is inspired by imagery of sunsets and twilight, times of day when everything feels still and there's a sense of calmness.

Sign up and Onboarding

Users are greeted with a soothing animated gradient. Here they can login or create an account. Upon registering, a card explaining a primary feature of the app, the Quick Exercises tool, will appear. Based on research, extensive onboarding processes can hinder users with anxiety and create extra stress.

Home Tab

Upon logging in, users would be asked how they are currently feeling. They can document their feelings using the sliding scale provided. The follow section would have recommended calming guides that would be different for each day.

Positive Affirmations

Users would have easy access to affirmations that they can read through based on the type of anxiety that they are struggling with.

Quick Exercises

Sometimes users won't be able to dedicate the time it takes to complete an extensive calming exercise. The Quick Exercises button is designed for users who are looking for calming activities that are fast and won't draw attention towards them.


Anxiety can stem from different areas and may need different approaches when being managed. Users can learn about different types of anxiety and get access to exercises that specifically cater to easing them.


The profile tab will show users a chart of their logged moods so they can have a visual representation of their progress. In addition, they would be able to manage general profile setting like notifications.


Researching and figuring out ways to empower people with a non-physical disability, like anxiety, was important to me. Mental health is an important topic that often gets cut out of conversations of inclusion and accessibility, so being able to create a project that focuses on those issues was rewarding. I would like to expand this project further and think of design solutions that would help individuals manage other mental health issues other than anxiety.
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