Way Find

UX/UI, Branding

Way Find is a travel app designed for users who are looking for unique experiences based on their personal needs and interests while keeping accessibility in mind.


Way Find is a travel planning app that allows users to plan personalized trips based on their specific needs and interests so they can experience the world in ways that are meaningful to them. With the rise of micro-trips, or shorter trips taken more frequently, travelers need a way to efficiently plan their vacations. In addition, travelers with disabilities need a way to plan itineraries that revolve around their more accessibility-focused needs and interests. Traveling while able-bodied can already be stressful and difficult to manage. Finding a way to make the process of planning trips easier for marginalized groups of people who aren't always written into the travel-narrative is important. The world is full of opportunities and wonderful places and everybody deserves to have an opportunity to experience it.

Focusing on accessible travel, I designed an app that would allow travelers to not only plan trips around local culture and their personal taste, but would also allow them to filter out any suggestions that don't meet their personal accessibility modification requirements.

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