Muse + Marlowe

Branding, Art Direction, UX/UI

Muse + Marlowe is a clothing brand dedicated to creating sustainable and ethically sourced products through a natural and holistic approach.


The fashion industry is a major pollutant due to the mass-production of items and material agriculture. Muse + Marlowe's mission is to go against mass consumerism and promote human-scale consumption by creating clothing that supports sustainable living.

The goal was to create a more focused brand that reflected their mission and emphasized the fact that you can look good and do good at the same time.

Vew the research slides

New Identity

The idea that aesthetics do not have to be compromised when thinking about sustainability is emphasized through a chic use of typography and editorial-like layout.

E-commerce Flow


#WearTheChange is a social campaign where users can post photos of their Muse + Marlowe purchases for a chance to be featured on the instagram feed and stories.

To promote sustainability, waste-free consumption and human-scale usage, users can share photos of ways that they live sustainably using the hashtag #UseGood

Illustration + Pattern

Inspired by the organic movement of thread, a system of single-line illustrations were developed. These illustrations are used as pattern or accent elements.

Photography + Video

Promotional video and lookbook for a seasonal collection inspired by the warm, natural tones found in nature.

Photography + Videography: Isaiah Guzman
Styling: Nikki Bilbao, Isaiah Guzman
Models: Nikki Bilbao, Nina Trisic, Arianna Charalambous
Music: Sunday Drive by Silent Partner


Coming up with solutions to execute my initial vision for this project was a long process, but I'm satisfied with the final outcome. The most enjoyable aspect of this project was doing styling and direction for the brand photoshoot.

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